Thursday, June 6, 2013

Long time no post.

My apologies for that.

I've begun a new chapter-searching for jobs in Colorado.

I'm ready for a great change in my life. A challenge. Outside my comfort zone. Do something unexpected.

I want to pack whatever will fit in my car and drive. I've already got a place to stay when I get there.

I'm so ready for something big to happen in my life.

Friday, March 2, 2012 night...

Bored. Mindlessly watching television…work 7:30-4 tomorrow. Then I’m not sure.

Thinking about this summer. Want to go camping again, loved Lake Wissota-the hiking, kayaking, just the peace of camping-it relaxes me so much. Although this time around, I would choose different people to go with, or go by myself. Last time I went, the people I went with (myself included) were a little rowdy. One night several people came to visit us and drinking ensued…but things got loud and the night watchman had to come and talk to us.

This time around there wouldn’t be drinking (or at least not the “woo let’s party” type. None for me, since I don’t anymore-but others might want a little wine or something.

Then there was kayaking. I had never been kayaking before. LOVED it! We rented the 2 kayaks they had as well as a canoe (there were 4 of us) and went kayaking. One of the days we were kayaking, we found a little island-we went ashore and hiked some into the middle. We ended up finding this hidden site-obviously used for a party-there were ashes from a campfire, beer cans spread out, food wrappers spread out, and a school flag of some sort hanging up. It looked like an end of year/semester party.

Anyway we kept hiking and came to a clearing on top of a small sandy cliff. There was a picnic table up there and everything. We eventually found our way back to where we left the canoe and kayaks (otherwise it could have been the start of a horror movie-lol)-but decided to go for a little swim. Really fun because the bottom dropped off pretty quickly-so we could do cannonballs right from the shore and not hit the bottom when we jumped in.

I would love to take a little day trip there and just have a picnic with some friends.

Anyway, time to go to bed, long day at work tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can I just say how much I adore the movie Courageous!

So great, such a wonderful message!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marrow Donor....

Just got a call and email about being a possible marrow/blood cell donor match for someone! Just gotta go through a few more tests to narrow down whether I actually am a match.

This is very exciting!  Of course I may not actually be a match-this was just a preliminary match from their huge database of donors.

But it’s still exciting to think I may be able to help someone in such a way.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marriage Fears

When I think about my future-certain parts of it scare me so much.  Not the job part, and not technically the marriage part.

What I am so afraid of is being married and then 1) Getting a divorce 2) Finding out about an affair 3) Ending up in an abusive relationship.

These things scare me so much that it literally hurts my heart to think about what I would do if they ever happened to me.

I get a little panicky when I think about these things happening to me.

And it's not like I'm expecting perfection, not at all.

I just...want a marriage for life - I want someone to grow old with. I want someone who I can help and will help me through the ups and downs of life.  And will stay faithfully by my side through it all.

Because to me, cheating and abuse are totally unthinkable...very much deal-breakers.  I'm not sure what I should do/can do about this "paralyzing" fear. The only thing I can think of is prayer.

I also just got this neat book/journal for Christmas.  It's called God's Promises for a Woman's Heart.  So far I've only taken a few peeks, but I do look forward to really diving in heart first.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Bucket List

Bucket List
1) Send a message in a bottle
2) Get a tattoo
3) Swim with dolphins
4) Take a vacation alone
5) See an Egyptian pyramid up close
6) Go on a road trip
7) Help build a house for someone less fortunate
8) See a show on Broadway
9) Go whitewater rafting
10) Ride in a hot air balloon
11) Go hang gliding
12) Graduate from college
13) Go on a cruise
14) Safe a life
15) Swim with sharks
16) Go on an African safari
17) Spend the night in a haunted house
18) Take a vow of silence for a day
19) Scuba dive
20) Take a long trip by bus or train
21) Take a walk in the rain
22) Have a photo published
23) Get married
24) Become a parent
25) Visit all 50 states
26) Participate in La Tomatina
27) Fire a pistol
28) Cherry Blossom Festival-Washington D.C.
29) Give something away-if someone compliments something of mine, give it away
30) Quit drinking alcohol
31) Quit drinking soda
32) Lose 10 pounds
33) Lose 20 pounds
34) Lose 30 pounds
35) Lose 40 pounds
36) Lose 50 pounds
37) Lose 60 pounds
38) Lose 70 pounds
39) Lose 80 pounds
40) Create a hope chest
41) Get CPR certified
42) Run a 5K
44) Plant a tree and watch it grow
45) Learn to snowboard.
46) Go kayaking.
47) Go cliff jumping.
48) Do a Polar Plunge for charity.
49) Go on a canopy tour (zip-lining).
50) Try vegetarianism.
51) See the Statue of Liberty.
52) Visit the Vegas Strip.
53) Make a quilt.
54) Visit Harry Potter World.
55) Make a list of 100 books I want to read.
56) Read every novel that has won a Pulitzer Prize in the Fiction category.
57) Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture.
58) Host a foreign exchange student.
59) Become a foster parent.
60) Read the Bible in full.
61) Learn to meditate.
62) Register to be an organ donor.
63) Register to be a bone marrow donor.
64) ….

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pausing in such a chaotic life

I know it's been quite a while since I've posted anything-over a month actually.  But I was inspired just now by reading a post by one of my fellow bloggers in Christ's name.  At 110% Surrendered? Katy posted something that made me pause. 

I have been getting so caught up in my own issues, that I forgot that all I need to do is surrender them to the Lord.  He is the only one that knows my true heart and what is best for me.

I need to pause more often and simply listen for the Lord, and meditate on what He is trying to tell me and where He is trying to guide me.

Because I feel like I've gotten separated from the path that I was walking with Him.